Sarah Peschel

Content Creation/Digital Marketing

As a little girl I spent the days of spring with my dad planting vegetable seed starts for our family garden and looking forward to warmer days when hunts for morels and ramps marked the beginning of the growing months. Summer days were spent chasing our chickens and collecting eggs, picking cherries from our front yard, and hunting for blackberries. Fall was spent canning and preserving what we grew or harvested.

My first job was in a family diner at age 13. I found I enjoyed thinking on my feet, problem solving and working to increase efficiency during the busy times and preparing in the down time.  I also craved the camaraderie and teamwork required to best serve our guests and discovering what the cooks were featuring from day to day.

From that point on I’ve always worked in hospitality. I worked my way through my first college stint as a fine art major slinging beers and burgers singing along on karaoke nights. When I needed to reassess my college ambitions and sought adventure, I bar-backed and cranked out quesadillas in the makeshift kitchen of a night club in Honduras. And when I returned to college with a fresh perspective and a marketing major in my sights I hustled my hardest hustle to offer impeccable service to flow of people doing business in our state’s capital.

Each of these experiences has provided me with a deep love and appreciation for this industry. The pace, the intensity, the unexpectedness of the day to day, paired with the fact that people gotta eat piqued my interested and sustained it in its familiarity and connection to my roots. It continues to do so today. The transition from fine art to marketing was a natural one and I find I am able to apply my creative training to marketing endeavors in a way that is rewarding and exciting in their potential to reach and entice new eyes.

The truth about working with food; whether it be growing, cooking, serving or marketing, is that done well it has the ability to comfort and excite all at the same time. Working with Cammie, Andy and the whole team at Epicure is an opportunity to embrace all of those things and to tell the delicious story of it – one beautiful photo, video, blog post at a time.