Ice Fishing | West Grand Traverse Bay

  1. March 10, 2014

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    Ice fishing03Winter has had it’s icy hold on us for what feels like an eternity. I must admit I have spent way too much time inside as of late due to the frigid temps, and it was starting to take a toll on me mentally…I needed to get outside! What better way to spend the day than Ice Fishing on West Grand Traverse Bay? I’ve been asking the guys to take me out because I had never been ice fishing. Saturday was the day.

    Although I myself am not an experienced angler, both Andy and Tyler have spent many hours near the water, in the water and in this case on the water, in the pursuit of fish. This winter is unique in that 90% of the Great Lakes are frozen. We have never had this much ice in March before! These conditions have made for an amazing ice fishing season. Many of the fishermen I talked to informed me that this has been the best year for ice fishing in the last decade.

    The ice was about 18 inches thick. There were a bunch of people who drove out to the spot, although we opted to walk. It was beautiful- not much wind and the temps were around 25 degrees. Among the group, two lake trout and a whitefish were caught. It was great asking the guys how they were going to cook their catch. “Pan fried!” was the consensus. It was also consensus that the flesh is firmer and less oily this time of year due to the water being so frigid.

    It was a fantastic day! I got some much needed exercise, a sunburn, made some new friends and learned a lot. So, all in all a successful first foray into ice fishing. I can only hope I will be fortunate enough to spend more days Ice fishing on West Grand Traverse Bay.

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