There has to be a first post…

  1. April 14, 2013

    There has to be a first post, right? Well here it is, for your reading pleasure. I know it is not entirely necessary to lay out my master plan for the blog (which is great because I don’t have one…), but I do at least want to give you a loose framework of what you can expect to see on this page in the coming months.

    This blog will basically showcase the projects and collaborations we are involved in here in Northern Michigan and beyond. Our venue is seasonal, which means lots of events at our home base in the summer and allows us time to work as travel chefs in the off season…cooking for hunts, jeep safaris, and all sorts of other escapades. Andy and I share a love of the outdoors and the kitchen. This will be a common thread among our posts.

    Much of our time in the summer is spent hosting weddings and events at our venue.  I will be sharing event details and photos with you, as well. The farm really comes alive when there are people there to enjoy the green, open space it provides. We feel honored to host these events and cook for these extremely personal milestones in peoples’ lives. Each party brings a unique vibe to the farm, and I see it in a new light with each event. I will attempt to honor their vision as I share details with you.

    We are fortunate enough to have an amazing network of talented individuals around us. Just as I rely heavily on their talent for inspiration in my daily life, this blog will be no different. Expect to see collaborative projects between our friends and clients who also happen to be writers, artists, gardeners, designers, bloggers, athletes, restaurateurs, photographers, hunters, anglers, baristas, cocktail enthusiasts, and of course…cooks. These people shape who we are and how we navigate this mess called life. I will be sharing their talents, as well as ours, with you.

    I am excited to have this blog as a creative and collaborative space, and I hope you are too. As always, we love feedback of all kinds so stay tuned and tell us your thoughts when a new post goes live.

    Cheers! Let’s celebrate.